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Sundus provides CV Enhancement & Upgrading, Payroll Services and PRO Services

Startup – SUNDUS has extended services to Start-ups

Startup is a new business unit founded by one or more entrepreneurs to develop a unique product or service, with an intent to launch that to the market. As the name denotes a startup will work on a minimum budget with initial funding from founders, angel investors or incubators that create an eco-system to support. UAE has an excellent infrastructure, government backing and specialized free-zones to encourage startups. Sundus extends its services to start-ups in the area of Human Capital which is an important element in the success of Startups.

Payroll Services

Sundus works on ERP Payroll system that is in line with the Wage Protection System. The ERP system allows access to their employees for tracking their leave balances and receiving payslips. The automation level saves operating costs for the clients.

PRO Services

PRO services refers to Government Relations related work. Sundus has a strong PRO team that liaises with labor and Immigration Departments from onboarding to exit formalities.

Reasonable Fee

Sundus supports to find the right candidate for the right position for any start-up project to grow and expand with right candidate for the right position.

CV’s Enhancement & Upgrading

Connect with us to upgrade and enhance your CV’s according to market research and job profiles. Sundus has expertise and professionals in place to evaluate and upgrade the CV’s.