Sundus provides Executive Search, Emiratisation, Outsourcing, Overseas Recruitment and Consulting Services


Sundus has been at the fore front of providing Emirati Talent to organizations that seek Nationals to fulfil their strategic goals and statutory obligations. Sundus proactively targets qualified Emirati talent that are passive on the job boards. Sundus also provides outplacement services for Emiratis impacted by strategic restructuring of organizations The regional challenges have turned out to be opportunities both for Sundus and its customers.


Employee Outsourcing continues to gain traction in the region. Employees are hired on Sundus visa and payroll and then deployed to customer’s location for temporary or long term employments which allows the clients to focus on their core business functionalities, save costs and expand rapidly. Be it at the incubation stage or growth, outsourcing provides the flexibility and scalability to expand business operations. Employee outsourcing also circumvents the rigidity of the organizational structure, age, demographics, domestic bureaucracies and salary grades as employees hired on outsourced basis does not impact the company’s organizational structure and balance. Outsourcing through Sundus helps in consistently meeting the customer’s needs, standards of quality, values and vision.

Overseas Recruitment Services

Mission critical projects are handled as a turnkey project, where the job requires selection and deployment of large number of personnel. The scope of work includes validating job orders with embassies, scheduling, planning overseas travel, arranging interviews, mobilizing within predetermined schedules. Sundus has established itself as an ethical recruiter with high degree of compliance with the laws of the supply countries. A fulltime project manager is dedicated to the project, along with additional teams to support and meet tight deadlines.

HR Consulting

Sundus undertakes HR Consulting projects related to Organization Structure, Manpower Planning, Salary Survey, Job Evaluation, Compensation and Benefits, Competency frame works, Psychometric Testing, Training and Development, HR Policy and Procedures. Sundus has implemented HR projects for several government, banking and other clientele in the UAE

Remote Work Services

Sundus provides remote work services to its clients across UAE, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our technology and business process will enable us to onboard anyone, anywhere , anytime to continue your business operations remotely. The service enables you to rebadge your existing employees based in the UAE and other locations to the employees home country or hire new resources to work remotely and support your business operations at locations of your choice. This employment model provides flexibility, reduces costs, retains talent and provides the scalability to your business based on the demand.