Corporate Objectives

Sundus is focused on to become the market leader within the UAE, through sustainable means

Corporate Objective

  • To be a market leader in thought and practice with the services that we offer, that includes Emiratisation, Executive Search, Employee Outsourcing, Overseas Recruitment, Onboarding Services and HR Consultancy services.
  • Embrace and execute government vision towards Emiratisation programme and local talent development.
  • To develop the skills and values of our employees through ongoing training and development and implement best industry practices, that will ensure sustained competitive edge.
  • To acquire and retain customers and employees for outsourcing, through our professional services and care, that ensures long term partnerships.
  • To maintain cost leadership in all areas of business through embracing best practices, technology and process improvements.
  • To maintain sustainable organic growth year on year, and deliver outstanding value to all the stake holders.
  • To reduce the impact on environment and the ecosystem through reduce, reuse and refuse materials that impacts the environment that we operate in.
  • To give back to the society through participation in various activities and initiatives that supports our desire towards the Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • To develop and maintain mutually rewarding partnerships with international recruitment and outsourcing partners, that share our vision and values.
  • To introduce innovative products and services to support the diversification strategy of UAE and support the strategic visions of 2030 and thereon.