Internship opportunities to explore the real world work experience

Internship opportunities to explore the real world work experience

Posted on September, 2020

Internship is a supervised and structured learning experience program offered by the employer to potential employees looking for a job which is conducted in a real work environment and provides work experience to the student or fresh graduate. It is a professional learning experience through which one can learn about how the organization collaborates with each department. This program is especially offered to students and organizations try to provide the training in their area of specialization so this will benefit them when looking for a job in the outside market. During the pandemic organizations were still able to continue the program remotely. It provides real world experience to certain extent with flexibility and freedom.

Timeline – Internship period could be spanning from 1 month to 3 months long and varies from employer to employer. Working hours could be regular to limited depending on if the student is studying or on break during university semesters.

Internshiphelps both employee and employer in various terms to fulfill their needs to progress further. The benefits:

For Interns –

  • One can learn real work experience and provide meaningful assistance to the organization .
  • Gain practical experience in the field of their degree specialization.
  • To develop professional contacts.

For Employers –

  • Take advantage of enthusiasm and fresh ideas.
  • Create a future talent pool
  • Ease workload on regular employees.

Sundus Recruitment and Outsourcing Services extends support for betterment of the future generation with proper learning, guidance and supervision through the internship program. Following is an Emirati interns experience at Sundus

“Generally speaking, Internship positions are not just about learning how to make a major project or a major strategy or in any high impact event or making developing reports, rather internships are important for systems enhancement, networking, picking up experience, and not but the least assisting one with getting that dream job in your area of specialization. Jumping on-the-ground and gaining experience working for a real business was an essential segment of my university degree. From working with local organizations to worldwide I found an incredibly friendly environment with Sundus Recruitment and Outsourcing Services. Personally, I can say that I enhanced my skills in certain areas of my specialization during my internship. I learned a lot about leading research through different strategies to distinguish and identify issues or discover the reason for the issue specifically. Further, giving exhortation and suggestions to the HR workforce for the day-by-day issues. However, my major role was in the marketing department and I used to develop daily tasks list of marketing and approach to get appropriate feedback from my seniors and peers. Especially, content marketing and target orientation was a daily working routine. Overall, it was a great experience of learning and I would recommend upcoming interns to join Sundus internship programs for better practical learnings that could help them in the development of their careers”.